Marriage Is What Bring Us Together Today


Marriage and Xyngular, anyway! 


What does the term “marriage” or “married couple” mean to Xyngular? “Married couple” includes persons who live together in a long-term relationship that resembles marriage and includes, without limitation, cohabitating couples, domestic partners, civil unions, civil partnerships, registered partnerships, or common-law couples.


And that can be a beautiful thing, right? When you decide to be with someone, it’s because they’re the person who makes you feel the best. They’re the person who makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Together, you are a team! If you’re on your health journey—or any kind of journey—support from the one you love is critical.


What does all this have to do with Xyngular’s Policies?


Here are some things to know about being de­fined as a “married couple” with Xyngular:


-As defined by Xyngular, married couples must be part of the same Independent Partnership or Customer account.


-Where one spouse is a Partner, the other spouse may not have a separate Customer account.


-Married couples may not have two separate Partner accounts.


-Married couples may not have two separate Customer accounts.


Xyngular realizes that life is ever-changing—and because of those changes, it may require you to make some changes to your Xyngular account. Don’t worry! You won’t need to create a new account; instead, check out some of these “Frequently Asked Questions” to see how easy it is to make changes to your current account.


Q. What if my name is the primary name on the account, but I want to change it to my spouse’s name?

A. In this situation, you’ll need to fi­ll out a few documents. We want to make sure your account is protected and that we are legally able to make the change. To get more in-depth details, please refer to our “Account Information Changes” newsletter in your XBO or contact us directly at


Q. What if I need to add my spouse to my account and what would they be able to do?

A. If you want to add your spouse to your account, the quickest way is to contact us at . Our amazing team will send you an amended form, which only takes a few minutes to ­fill out. Once you return the form, we’ll add your spouse’s name! This will allow them to place orders, update information, and assist in account management as a spouse.



Q. When Xyngular comes across benefi­cial accounts, what is the process?

A. At times, the policies may seem confusing or unclear, but that is where your Xyngular Compliance team can help! We want to make sure we provide our Xyngular Partners and Customers with the best education possible on our policies. We never want you to feel like you’re in trouble, we only want to help provide clarity. We have come up with a few “Frequently Asked Questions” to help you understand how we handle benefi­cial accounts.


Q. What happens if I have an account and my partner has an account as well?

A. Based on our policies, we look at which account was created ­first and that one remains the active account. The second account created becomes the terminated account since it’s basically a duplicate of the ­first. Even if one account is under your name and the other account is under your spouse’s name, it still creates a situation where you have a benefi­cial interest in two separate accounts.


Q. What is the purpose of adding my spouse to my account after their account has been terminated?

A. Adding them as a spouse on the main account allows them to place orders, update information, and assist in account management as a spouse.


Q. How do I know if I have two accounts in the system?

A. The best way to check is to call or email our amazing Member Service team! They will verify if two accounts have been created and if so, we’ll keep the oldest account.


Q. If I don’t like my sponsor, why can’t I just create a new account?

A. In order to change sponsors, you must adhere to the following policy, which was created to reduce a culture of dropping and restarting Partnerships/Customers to protect the integrity of our organization and your business: “A Partner/Customer must wait at least six months after termination of his or her Independent Partnership, or six months of inactivity, before obtaining a benefi­cial interest in an Independent Partnership under a different Sponsor.” You can read more about this policy here or by logging into your XBO account under the “Resources” tab in the Policies and Procedures section 5. 


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