We understand that life happens, and sometimes our Partners cannot dedicate the time they want to their business. In the steps below, you can learn how to successfully downgrade your account and still be a Customer. As a Customer, you are still able to purchase products, but will not be eligible to earn commissions.


Step 1: Contact our Member Service department and request to downgrade your account. We are available through call, email, or chat, and you can find our contact information here.


Step 2: We will need written consent that you wish to downgrade your account. After an agent reviews your account, they will send you an email from the email we have on file. It will look like this: 


"I appreciate you contacting us regarding your request and I am happy to assist you in this process. Before I can downgrade account XXXX from Partner to Member, I need to verify that you understand that by downgrading your account status, you will also lose your downline and will not be eligible to earn commissions. 

If you still wish to downgrade the account, please respond to this email to confirm your request. Once I have received that response from you, I can then submit your request to our compliance department for further review."


*You will need to read this thoroughly and email us back agreeing to the terms*


Step 3: If you do not have a Downline, the agent will successfully downgrade you once we received the written agreement. If you do have a Downline, the agent will send your request for the account to be downgraded.


Step 4: Once your request to downgrade has been completed, our team will reach out to you through the email on file and let you know that it is done. 


*As a Partner, if you go inactive (no orders or new enrollments) for a total of 3 consecutive months, your Downline will automatically compress up to the next qualified Partner. *




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