Q. When can I have a Subscription run?

A. A Subscription can run any day between the 1st and 25th of every month.  


Q. What is the benefit of having a Subscription?

A. Simplify- Get Xyngular products delivered right to your door- so you can focus on your goals. 


You are in control- With a Subscription, you can customize everything from the delivery date to the order total- and it is free to change, pause or cancel anytime. 


Earn Free Products- Earn Xyngular Reward points on every order to redeem for FREE products. 


Q. Can I pause my Subscription, and how would I do that?

A. Yes, you can pause your Subscription for 1-3 months. Check out our article on Updating Your Subscription.  You can also call our Member Service department here and our agents can help you pause your Subscription. 


Q. How do I change the products on my Subscription?

A. Adjusting the products in your Xyngular Subscription is easy. Check the article Updating Your Subscription or call our Member Service department here


Q. Can I have multiple Subscriptions run in the same month?

A. Yes, you do have the option to set up multiple Subscriptions that can run in the same month. 


Q. Will I earn rewards points on multiple Subscription orders in the same month?

A. If you do have multiple Subscriptions set up to run in the same month, you will only receive rewards points for one Subscription, and it will be the one that has a higher total dollar value. 


Q. Will I get a reminder before my Subscription runs?

A. Yes! You will receive an email five (5) days before your Subscription runs that will have all the details of your order, the products on the Subscription, when it is running, and the order total. If you need to make any changes to your Subscription, this is a great time to do that! 


Q. Will the annual Partner renewal fee automatically be added to my Subscription?

A. When you enroll or upgrade to a Partner, you will have an annual Subscription for the renewal fee that is separate from your product Subscription.

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