Let’s talk commissions! There are two main areas in your Xyngular Back Office (XBO) to look for commissions, those being the “Commissions Summary” tab and your “Transaction History.” Follow the steps below to see how to find and understand both.

Commissions Summary

Step 1: Log into your XBO account here.

Step 2: Click on the “Reports” tab in the upper left of the screen.


Step 3: On the left side click on “Volumes Report” and from the dropdown menu, choose “Commissions Summary.”

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, here you will see multiple options. The first option is “Monthly Bonus” which, if you click on an individual row, will show you your Bonus Pool Payments for reaching a specific Rank during the “Period” (month) which is listed on the left.

Once you’ve clicked in, you will see two breakdowns of your Bonus Pool Cash Amount for that period. One is a graph displaying the payout, and the other is the cash amount you received.



 Step 5: To see a Daily Breakdown of Commissions, go back to the initial “Monthly Bonus” section, and select the “Daily Bonus” option.


Step 6: Here you can see the day your commissions were earned in the “Commissions For” section, how much was withheld in the “Withheld Amount” section, and how much you were paid out in the “Check Amount” section. You can click on any part of the row to get a breakdown of where the commissions came from.



Step 7: Once you’ve selected the payment you’d like to see, you can choose any of the options in the “Bonus Type” box to see who they came from, this is also displayed to the right in the graph.


Transaction History

Step 1: Another way to check commissions is by going to “Transaction History,” which can be found by going to the main page after logging in, selecting “My Account” at the top right, and selecting “My Account” again in the drop-down menu. Just to clarify, you won’t be able to see who or what order the commissions are coming from this way.



Step 2: On the next page, scroll down and on the bottom left you will see a box titled “Account Activity.” In this box, you will need to select the “View” option to the right of where it says, “Transaction History.”



Step 3: On this screen, click on the “Legend” option to the right. This will open a table breaking down what each transaction type abbreviation means so that you can read the payments below and what they are.



“Secondary Bonus Earnings” are your Daily Commissions, and “Primary Bonus Earnings” are your Monthly Payouts. “BE” is how much you’ve earned; “BP” is the amount that is paid out to you. The “Balance” will show how much more you will be paid out.


If you have further questions, feel free to contact our Member Service department here.

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