Xyngular’s Policies and Procedures are important to know and understand. If any changes are made to these policies, each Customer and Partner will need to accept the new version in their Xyngular Back Office (XBO). If the Policies and Procedures are not accepted, you will not be able to place any individual product orders online or by calling into Member Service. See the steps below on how to accept them in XBO.

Step 1: Go to your XBO account here and log in.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, the “Policy & Procedures” box will be the first screen that pops up. In this box, you have the option to download and read through the Policies and Procedures and click “Accept”. Once that is completed, you are good to go!  

Step 3: If you log in and you do not see the “Policy and Procedures” box, click "SHOP" on the top left and then on the “Shopping Cart” icon on the top right, and the same notification for the Policies and Procedures should pop up. If that does not work, log out and log back into your XBO account. If you still are not able to get it pulled up, please contact our Member Service department. You can find their contact information here


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