Q. What does NFR mean?

A. NFR stands for Not For Resale. Xyngular offers to sell and ship products on a Not For Resale (NFR) basis to countries where Xyngular is not officially registered, provided it is permitted and legal to ship non-registered products into those countries that are used only for personal use. To check if Xyngular products are available in your market, contact our Member Service department. 

Q. Why are some products categorized as NFR?

A. Each product needs to be approved by the local government to be sold and shipped in that market. If they are not approved to be sold, Partners may still purchase products on a Not For Resale basis and have them shipped from the United States.

Q. How do I order NFR products?

A. You can order NFR products by calling, emailing, or chatting into our Member Service department. Our agents would be happy to assist you with ordering these products. These products are NOT available for purchase online. 

Q. How will these NFR products be shipped?

A. NFR products are shipped from the US and have to pass through customs, so shipping can be delayed longer than usual. 

Q. Will I be charged in US dollars?
A. Yes, NFR products will be charged in US dollars, and conversion rates will apply. There is an extra cost for the order to pass through customs, and that fee is added to the product cost.

Q. Is there a limit to how many NFR products I can purchase?

A. Yes, there is a limit. NFR products are for personal use only and cannot be sold. Partners should not purchase more products than a family of 4 would consume in 30 days.  

Q. Can I exchange any NFR products? 

A. NFR products are not available for exchange.

Remember, NFR products cannot be purchased online. If you have more questions or would like to place an order for NFR products, feel free to contact our Member Service department here

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