The Xyngular Passport Program offers Partners the opportunity to earn awards and trips as they advance in rank and grow their business with Xyngular. You can find the specific awards and trips available to earn and the earning requirements here.

Q. How do I qualify for a Passport trip or award?

A. Each Passport Program trip or award comes with a minimum QV (qualifying volume) requirement. A Partner must hit that QV requirement for 2 consecutive months to earn the trip or award. The Partner must also be within one rank below the requirement for the award or trip on the last qualification month. You can read more about the requirements and rules here


Q. If I earn a trip, can I bring someone with me?

A. Yes, the majority of Xyngular Passport trips include the opportunity to bring a guest. That person can be a spouse, partner, or immediate family member 18 years or older.  


Q. Can I extend my stay for any trips that I earn from the Passport Program?

A. Yes, your stay can be extended, but you will be responsible for the extra cost. Our Incentives and Recognition team can always help with scheduling longer stays and give you accurate pricing. You can contact them at


Q. Is there something I can do if I cannot make the scheduled trip?

A.  Yes, we understand that last-minute things come up and people have busy schedules. Some trips give you 12 months from the date you earned the trip to accept and go, while others allow you one deferment. You can read all about those rules here


Q. Can my guest and I fly out of different airports if needed?

A. Yes, we pay for the flight out of your closest international airport. However, if your guest's flight costs more than your flight does, you will be responsible for paying the difference. Feel free to ask our Incentives and Recognition team if you have further questions at


Q. Can I bring someone from my downline to the trip?

A. The rules state your guest can be a spouse, significant other, or a close family member. If you have someone in your downline that fits that criteria, reach out to the Incentives and Recognition team at for approval. 

Q. What personal expenses should I expect when attending a Passport trip?

A. Plan on paying for any extra activities and meals you would like that is not included in Xyngular's schedule and any souvenirs you wish to bring back. 


Q. When will I get the agenda for the trips I earn?

A. You will receive the agenda two weeks before your event. The agenda will be emailed to you from our Incentives and Recognition team.


Q. If I arrive early, can transportation be arranged for me?

A. Yes, we can arrange transportation if you arrive or plan on coming earlier than originally scheduled. However, you would need to be staying at the same hotel where the event is hosted. You can always reach out to our Incentives and Recognition team at to look into different transportation.


Q. If something comes up and I need to cancel, will I lose the trip?

A. Depending on if flights and hotels are already booked, or if you have deferred once before, you could lose the trip. You can review the specific rules here and reach out to the Incentives and Recognition team at  if you have any additional questions.


Q. For the cash awards, do I have to attend an event to receive the cash?

A.  The rules state that you do need to attend a Xyngular event (Xyngfling or Xyngfest) to receive the cash bonus. If unable to attend for any reason, please contact our Incentives and Recognition team at and see what your options are.

Q. Do I have any tax liabilities when I earn a Passport Trip? 

A. The market value of any Xyngular trip a qualified Partner attended will be included on annual tax reports as earnings. The Partner is liable and accountable for all applicable taxes in accordance with Xyngular Partner Policies & Procedures. See Section 3.19.5. 


If you have more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Incentives and Recognition team at or contact our Member Service department here.



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