1. Go to

2. Pick out your products and add them to your bag.

3. Once you’ve added your products, go to your bag and select “Check Out.”

4. To continue, you must select either “Sign In” or “Create Account.” If you’re new, you’ll need to select “Create Account.”

5. New Accounts: After selecting the “Create Account” option, fill out the form and set your password. The email and password you use here will be your account login credentials, so remember them!

6. Next, select who referred you. Find whoever introduced you to Xyngular by typing in name, email, or phone number and select their name or click “I don’t have a sponsor” if this does not apply.

7. You’ll be asked if you’d like to enroll as a Partner or a Member. Joining as a Member is free and allows you to purchase products; you’ll also be notified when sales and discounts happen! Enrolling as a Partner requires a yearly fee of $49.95 that gives you access to a personalized website and referral link, allowing you to earn money when someone purchases products you recommend! Learn more about becoming a Xyngular Partner here: 

8. Once you’ve selected your desired account type, you’ll continue to shipping, billing, and payment information.

9. Ta-da! You’re part of the Xyngular family. Get ready to be happy and healthy with us!

Psst- This process is still in development for anyone living outside of the US market, so if that is you, you will still need to enroll by working with your Sponsor or calling into our Member Service department here!


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